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The Love story of Christopher and Elizabeth 

                  "People say everything happens for a reason, and I finally believe that it does. Rewind ten years ago, Summer of 2005 when Chris and I met. It will always be the best summer of my life, because like every girls dream, I had my summer romance. It was my first time out on the east end of Long Island, and Chris showed me everything; the sound, downtown Greenport, Montauk, and of course Claudio’s on a Saturday night. It was a perfect summer, until it was time him and I had to return to college.  I went to school in Nassau County, and he was in Pennsylvania. We stayed in touch, but not enough. I always told people Chris was that boy who got away that summer, and it wasn’t until we started dating again that he told me, he use to tell his friends the same.

                  During the next 7 years, we barely spoke, more so because him and I were in committed relationships with other people. But we did find ourselves meeting up a few times, one of them being a concert at Madison Square Garden, and then surprisingly bumping in to each other in Manhattan at an Irish Festival. This is when I like to fast forward to March 17th, 2012.

                  I took the train into the city with friends to celebrate my favorite holiday of course, Saint Patrick’s Day. I was sitting at a restaurant out on a balcony and I saw an NYPD car go by, and my mind INSTANTLY thought of Chris. I knew he was a Police Officer, just wasn’t sure where in NYC he worked, but for whatever reason I called him. I of course was hoping that his number hadn’t changed in the past 7 years and lucky me, because he answered. To say that those silly butterflies in my stomach weren’t going nuts would be a lie. I felt like a high school girl calling the cutest boy in class. To my surprise he was right around the corner working. Within 5 minutes he pulled up in his squad car, got out, and we hugged. At that moment, I fell in love with him all over again. He told me he was getting off in a couple hours, and without hesitation I said I would wait for him. That night was perfect. We laughed, talked, reminisced. It reminded me all over again why I could never get him out of my head.

                  After that we were inseparable, so much that we saw each other for the next few months EVERY DAY.  Then tragedy happened. Chris’s best friend committed suicide. It was a life changing time for him, to the point we went our separate ways. As hard as it was for me, I knew he needed his time to heal and I had to give that to him. We didn’t see or speak much for the next 2 months. At this point I almost convinced myself we just weren’t meant to be together. Then he called. He asked if he could come over and talk. I can’t say how long the conversation lasted, exactly what was said, or how many tears were cried. But I can tell you one thing he said to me that I will never forget.

“I lost you once Liz, and I won’t let it happen again.”

Christopher and I have been through challenges, but we have always managed to come out stronger and closer. Without everything that has happened, I truly believe Chris and I wouldn’t be here together today. We are best friends, simple as that. I have loved him for over 10 years of my life, and I am honored to have him every single day going forward. He is my real life hero, and the best father in the world."


Their day was a perfect, beautiful day filled with lots of fun, joy, heart, and soul!  Every element was created and presented with a personal touch.  Liz is quite talented and has a gift for stylizing events.   In this case, both bride and groom were glowing!  Their atmosphere was nice and relaxed and everything flowed without a glitch.  The words that they shared about each other at their ceremony were beautiful.  They are also lucky to have such a perfect little girl, Olivia to have shared in their day.  Everyone took turns loving on her, but my favorite part was seeing how Chris was always lovingly touching her head, something so protective and caring about this gesture.  Their night ended with lots of dancing and laughter.  Attached are 2 videos for you to enjoy.   I couldn't thank you enough for letting me share in your special day.   May all your dreams continue to come though....   

A Slide Show of their beautiful day!  (**warning **it's a bit long)

LO RES videoi need to upgrade this to a higher quality..only viewable for iPhones

A Collection of quick camera video clips from the day!!  I hope you enjoy...

Cap Video clips



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