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Akshay Ameria(non-registered)
Hi, Very creative and very original approach in photography. Good wishes for the future projects.
Thank you ... Thank you... for the amazing pictures... I love looking at the art you create. So many memories have been created and now treasured through your lens..... Thank you for capturing my babies -- first day of school! LOVE IT!!!
Ravi Sookdeo(non-registered)
You have a real eye for photography. What a long way you have come, congratulations. You also are doing something you love, great just great. Keep on clicking.
Jane Rosa(non-registered)
Indi your work is so special,beautiful,fantastic.Hoping to see a lot more,Thank you
svetlana morgan(non-registered) have a very beautiful website and ur pictures are just gorgeous !!!! I take pictures my self...but yours is just amazing perfect !!!
Peggy Pfister(non-registered)
Hi Indy
I am really enjoying looking at your web site and following your blog. Your photos are super, and I'm glad to see you are enjoying success in the monthly photo contest. Another finalist -- congratulations! This is my favorite so far ... I just love this photo of little Kurtie and his "snuggie moo"! So adorable, and a terrific job with the photo! Huge congrats! Keep up the good work!
Jocelyn Ozolins(non-registered)
The images are lovely and I like the design of the site as a whole. Much success Indy.
You have such a talent. My hope is that this talent of yours reaches far and wide to lots of people. It makes me happy to just sit and look at your pictures. Thanks my friend!
Craig Sundby(non-registered)
Looking fantastic Indy! Love the slideshow. Your photos are excellent!
Kathryn Sommo(non-registered)
The pictures are beautiful of course (as always) and your website looks very professional :)
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