If you could grab one object when you were fleeing a burning house, what would it be? Many of us would answer our photo albums. Record your family's history and these special years by investing in photography. Preserve your memories for generations to come.


I love people, and I love to show the beauty in their lives and relationships. For me it's about finding moments that show the bonds connecting people -- watching parents experience the world with their toddler, the excitement of parents to be, the sweet sleepy newborn. I typically spend between two and four hours with your family, depending on the type of session, number of people involved, and whether we need to take breaks/naps. 


Maternity - Oh the baby bump….

Having a baby grow inside you is truly amazing, don’t you think?  Your pregnancy is a very special time in you and your partners life.  A new baby is a huge, life altering event.  I bet from the moment you get that positive test result you’ll start watching your stomach and looking for that little bump to start forming, at least that's what I did :)

A maternity session is usually shot between weeks 30 and 34 (Weeks 28 and 32 for multiples) to ensure Mom is still feeling well and is not too uncomfortable yet.  The session will revolve mostly around Mom and her bump, however, Dad and a sibling are more than welcome to be part of the session as well.  This session will last for up to one or two hours and include a variety of poses and positions. Several outfit changes are highly recommended and strongly encouraged! Let's pick a location or several.   


Session Details and Tips:

  • What to wear: Don’t wear black! Black can be a very slimming color and the point of this session is to rock that bump! Wear light, bright colors and form fitting shirts. Yoga pants, or maternity jeans that button under your bump are best.
  • Bare Belly shots are encouraged but of course, optional! A men’s dress shirt unbuttoned from the belly down is a popular option, or just a sports bra. Tube tops also work very well for this type of shot. Shirts that tie or button at the breast bone and “V” down your stomach are strongly recommended.


Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Let’s welcome your little one into the world!  Cherish that wrinkly new baby skin and those sweet rolls of pudge, because they won’t last for long! Less clothing is best at this age. I suggest that the baby wear nothing, a simple diaper cover, or swaddled (it really depends on the baby).  You are welcomed include hats or headbands.   


Please schedule your session to take place during the first ten days of your newborn’s life, when babies are sleepiest and easiest to mold into those curled up, womblike poses. Mom and Dad, plan to be part of the photos by wearing simple, long sleeved white or black tops, as you may need to hold the baby in some shots.  Your newborn session will bring you incredible timeless images that will tug at your heartstrings for a lifetime.


Lifestyle Sessions

Get the family together for a fun, on-location portrait session.  In my opinion, the best photos happen when people are relaxed and happy, so think of family sessions as play dates. We’ll pick a location that makes you happy, and then we’ll play!  How easy is that? 

The location could be your home, the beach, a park, the woods, you get the idea.  I’ll occasionally ask you to move to a certain spot or give a loved one a smooch, but generally I like to capture moments as they happen to create authentic portraits of your everyday experience with your family.  



These are 20 min sessions are great to capture back-to-school portraits, holiday portraits, confirmation portraits, or as a birthday portrait.